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Medical Offices, Apartments, Stores etc

Medical Offices, Apartments, Stores etc

Increased air conditioning capacity; greater reliability; commercial and residential HVAC solutions for significant energy savings; cost savings; reduced noise and vibration; as well as the mechanical maintenance and other issues associated with old and worn out air conditioning and heat pump systems.


The obsolescence of parts, aging fans and air conditioning compressors will not allow the systems to run efficiently. Typical indications are room temperatures ranging widely from 10 to 20 degrees instead of staying at your preset temperatures. Low air flow from registers even though the filters were just changed.


Air-O Mechanical AC Service Experts could propose an all-inclusive, fixed-cost service agreement to assume the responsibility for preventative maintenance, repairs and equipment replacement for a fraction of the cost of other nationwide air conditioning contractors.

Medical Offices, Apartments, Stores etc.

Air-O Mechanical AC Service

Depends on the amount of work to be performed.

Varies depending on equipment and supplies and manpower.